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Our chrome service, electroplating, is a strategic metal finishing process that is utilized in a large range of applications. Our process provides the ultimate solution to increasing the strength and durability of your investment. Electroplating enhances the longevity of the cylinders, rods, and components that are used in tough conditions. Increasing the lifespan of your cylinders will improve not only the performance but will also lead to increasing your profits with longer availability. Our team will increase the thickness of the outer layer of your materials, provide corrosion protection, and increase the wear life.


We specialize in buying and selling surplus mining equipment. The marketing of your equipment involves the relationship of trust that we have built throughout the years. We work with clients around the globe to ensure that their expectations have been met, in both buying and selling surplus assets. Our rebuild facility provides for:

  • Cleaning and storage of equipment

  • Powered up, energized inspections on site

  • Capabilities to repair or rebuild

  • Transportation services provided

Pump/Valve Repairs

Pumps/Valve/and Motor service is a large component to having and maintaining a productive machine.  Our services help to ensure your machine is in proper working conditions to increase productivity through decreased downtime and proper hydraulic function.  We can service and repair a wide range of pumps/valves/and motors for a wide variety of equipment.

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Hydraulic Cylinder Sales + Repair

With our in-house chrome plating services and machine shop, we provide COMPLETE cylinder repair/rebuild/recondition of all types and in a TIMELY manner.  Properly functioning and well-maintained cylinders are the appendages of machinery allowing it to function and produce at its full capacity.  Therefore, allowing you to get back in the dirt, gravel, coal, asphalt, salt, gold, iron ore, ...(well you get the point)  back to work!

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